'Paradise Island' 'Isla del Paradiso'

'Paradise Island' 'Isla del Paradiso'

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100 x 100cm

Acrilico sobre lienzo (on Canvas)

Painted in Ibiza, Spain

€5200 plus shipping 

A playful piece painted as part of 'Ibiza 2100' a late summer exhibition held on the Island.

I'm extremely happy to have my painting "Isla del Paraiso" & name grace the cover of an internationally distributed album dedicated to Ibiza music. 

This painting was shown at the OD art awards & 2100 exhibition in Ibiza & living on this chain of islands world renowned for it's history of art & music I feel privileged to be part of its progression with my artwork in it's mix. 

"22 tracks of Ibiza ambient sounds.“ Digitally available through all major sites and physically distributed in 40 countries incl. North-/South America, Australia/NZ, Asia… by The Orchard, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment, New York / USA.