Live Art Shows

Living in Ibiza & painting live at venues & private events.
It's exciting to bring something as it's being created, straight into peoples eyes & lives. Big clubs, exclusive venues, yachts, private houses... adding intrigue & an addictive, unique outcome.
"Painting Imagination in an environment where people are interacting with each other around me is a fascinating feeling"
Why I paint live? While some artists perfer the solitude of a studio, creating at a social engagement is not something to be taken lightly but I personally enjoy the rush. The stimulation of being in different atmospheres with unknown people around opens windows of colours & ideas to process instantaneously into artwork & share the experience.
"Imagination & creation fuels me."
I create female figurative works & colourful abstract/surrealist images, structures & eyes among other things...
I'm always on fire within to see the mystery of what & who comes on to each canvas when I draw & paint. I'm currently working on a book of faces derived from past & present works.
Paint or Pastel, pressing & moving colours with the brush or my fingers into a painting is a connective passion & sensation hard to stop when in motion. With just enough space for a canvas & my pastels or paint, I'm alive.
 How did i start to paint live?
I held many parties with friends over the years at my home in Queenstown, New Zealand, a place we called the Blue Mansion. It was a place of fantastic times. At some point each night i'd drop a canvas onto the floor & absorbing the surroundings dive into my pastels & a painting adventure, not stopping until completed in the early hours. The atmosphere of music & noise of people all around me enriching the feeling. Each morning I woke up with not only the memories of a great night & possibly a hangover, but something valuable & lasting, a visual view of a point in my mind to sit back and wonder over forever.
From there I've been in front of bands in clubs in Bali, openings with DJs, Cafe' jazz nights, Hong Kong's inner city rooftop, private villas, and a variety of different spaces while travelling through Brasil & Argentina.
With many great years competing & mcing extreme sports events around the world, I enjoyed being in front of or amongst people & find starting each new artwork has it's own equivalent formula of adrenaline.
Art has been my one constant in a whirl of epic life experiences, drawing me across it in all directions, keeping me feeling alive with my time. I arrived in Ibiza as a new home, after the last ten years in Asia, so that means interesting friends to slowly meet, beautiful settings & creative expression to release.
Professional background & alternative artistic path.
An early Diploma of Fashion & Design at the Wellington Institute of Arts in New Zealand at nineteen led years later to establishing successful snowboard & skate clothing brands with a partner throughout the nineties & turn of the decade. Before that were some years on the Gold Coast of Australia selling sketches on the street, surfing & working random occupations. From there it was Maui, Hawaii, surfing big waves, living and trading paintings for equipment with professionals like Laird Hamilton, Gerry Lopez & Robbie Seeger. This was an exciting & magical time. Next was Europe; beginning of the 90's - England, France, Spain and Portugal adventuring, surfing & absorbing everything until the surprise decision to return home to NZ to snowboard - hense creation of the  clothing brands and a new massive chapter began.
Adding later to the creative side of the brands were ranges for a few special companies, concepts & artwork for magazine advertising, posters, etc.
More art & travel in South America especially Brazil & Argentina - acrobatic (acro) paragliding, surfing & painting eventuated while based in NZ. 
Before moving to Ibiza, Spain - the last decade in addition to private artworks & live performances saw a location shift from NZ to Bali, Indonesia, chasing waves & coaching ocean X-sports, surfing, wakeboarding and kite boarding for one of the world's largest surf brands then creating a new successful team & brand; completing the triangle of snow, skate & surf brands. Art & physical expression through my passions has bound everything together in a life long novel.
The value of my artwork is found not only in appreciation of rare pieces produced over different eras & yet to be painted works but the irrefutable life experiences & people involved that have all powered my drive to continually express on paper or canvas that which did not exist before.