Luca Soulos was born in a small town on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island in 1968 to a New Zealand mother & Greek father, both of large families. His childhood was shaped by a rich environment of contrast, colour, nature, open space & movement - stretching beaches, ocean, waves, rivers, fields & mountains to run wild & free. 

Earning an early Diploma & formal arts training at the Wellington institute of Fashion & Design in his late teens began a series of world traveling adventures & painting that finally led to later developing successful Snowboard Outerwear & Skate brands with a partner through the 90’s further stimulating his freedom of creativity & artistic spirit. A life of art, traveling the globe, freestyle sports, people & expression resulted, building a vibrant, positive character, open mind & packed trail of history.
Home is now Ibiza, Spain where he is currently living & painting, but over the last few decades much time had also been spent traveling in South America then living in Bali Indonesia as a second home & to explore more of Asia. 
Walking into the unknown, to Luca, is mixed with a passionate appreciation for living. This is constantly growing & shining through his unique, striking, highly collectable artworks.

"I sketch thoughts, I'm compelled to at times before they are lost, as a plan for painting, waiting for the moment to continue in colour and size.
For many works however, the outcome is completely random, I pick up a colour pastel or paint & brush that feels right and start drawing or painting, with no idea what will be created. Sometimes it’s relaxed, others a frenzy.
In full swing, I seem drawn to certain colours from whatever assortment I have on hand. My brush or fingers work paint or pastel into the canvas and blend where it feels needed. The sensation is a flow, feeling natural - I love it. I’m often unable to stop until the piece is finished, no matter how long that may be. At the end, even if exhausted, I like to sit back and just look in pleasure, discovering the image,
triggering thoughts of what each element and layer means. It seems like a gift and a freedom.
I use different materials such as acrylic, watercolour, enamel and ink, I’ve been using soft pastels for over 25 years. It was one of the ‘finds’ of my life. Unlocking a way to release vivid colour, thoughts and emotions fast enough to feel the connection.
Watercolour has been another fantastic revolution in flow with water & paint flooding blends of life into images.
Works are scattered throughout the world. It's not possible to repeat a piece, nor would I know where it started or finished.
I hope you take a long look, read into each picture, perhaps find something that bonds with your own feelings and mystery of life... and most importantly enjoy."