Artworks & Misc.

Historical catalogue of Original SOULOS Artworks in Soft Pastel, Paint and Ink, ranging in size from 15 x 21cm up to 120 x 240cm.
Some are now authorised for release in limited edition archival Giclee or Screenprint form available via direct email contact found in this Official Website.
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Luca Soulos has a strong background in fashion design, with a Diploma from the Wellington Institute of Fashion & Design in the late 80's & creating two highly successful brands since.

An exclusive line of favourite cuts and styles of detailed t-shirts & dresses, in high-quality single jersey cotton, as well as 60's shorts and leather embossed accessories, in both mens and ladies styles, have been designed by Luca and sold under his name. The tops feature a variety of his bold, full colour artworks....
"I like to do things that compliment my artwork. I'm only interested in quality, limited runs of things I think are cool, and to keep them hard to find. It's rewarding to mix my passions a little since I'm able to."